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House Blessings

The House Blessing Sign-Up Sheet is at the Candle Desk

It can also be found here: 2019 House Blessing Schedule (Updated 28 Jan @ 1935)

The initial dates available for sign-up are January 29th –Feb 18th, but please contact Fr James directly if:

  1. You are (or have family/friend that is) a shut-in or in a nursing home, 
  2. You live 45+ minutes away from All Saints Orthodox Church, or
  3. You wish to schedule a date/time not on the sign-up sheet.


Preparing for House Blessing

Prepare a small table with a clean cloth (near the icon corner, if possible) with the following items:* 

1. A lit candle,

2. An Icon of Christ (or festal icon of Theophany)

3. List of family members (Living and Departed) for priest to commemorate,

4. Holy Water from this Theophany in a clean bowl.

*if missing any item listed above, let Fr. James know to bring them


 Order of the House Blessing

  1. Blessing & Introductory Prayers
  2. Priest, led by family holding candle, blesses all the rooms of the house with holy water, while singing:

When Thou, O Lord wast baptized in the Jordan,

The worship of the Trinity was made manifest.

For the voice of the Father bore witness to Thee, 

and called Thee His Beloved Son.

And the Spirit, in the form of a dove

confirmed the truthfulness of His word.

Christ, Our God who hast revealed Thyself,

and hast enlightened the world, glory to Thee!

  1. Prayer for living and departed members of the family (from list provided), a final prayer and dismissal.

At this point, if time permits, the priest may stay and visit with the individual or family. This is a wonderful time to become better acquainted with one another, to share any hopes and concerns you might have about the parish, the home, or life in general and/or to ask any questions about Scripture, the Divine Services, Sacraments, prayer, saints, contemporary ethical/moral issues, etc.



Individuals/Families are not expected to offer Fr. James a meal or snacks in conjunction with a house blessing, unless this has been planned/discussed in advance. A cup of coffee/tea or a glass of juice/water/etc. is more than sufficient hospitality.



Fr. James comes to pray for God's blessing on the home and the household because he wants to and because he wants God to bless them and their home!

He also comes hoping to get to know his flock better, to build trust in the pastoral relationship,

and to discuss any hopes and concerns that the household or pastor may have. 

Such an opportunity is a wonderful gift and is a great blessing.

 It is not expected for an individual or family to offer any money, gifts, donations, etc. to Fr. James directly for blessing a home.

While one may, if they insist, offer a personal gift…perhaps, instead, one could show their thanks to God for His blessings by offering, a donation to:

1) All Saints… to help support our mission to know, proclaim, and live the Gospel of Jesus Christ through: worship, education, stewardship, service, and outreach. 

2) One of the many local charities in the Greater Hartford Region

3) One of the many Orthodox charities, aid, and mission organizations

 4) Our three OCA seminaries: St. Herman's, St. Tikhon's, and St. Vladimir's


A list of suggested local charities, national/international Orthodox charities and institutions, (including contact information and instructions for mailed and online giving) is available on request.

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"Synaxis of All Saints"

We serve Divine Liturgy at 9:00am on Sundays. Please check the calendar below for more details.


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