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All Saints Orthodox Church
Hartford, Connecticut
Stage 2 of our Re-opening Plan
Stage 2 of our Re-opening Plan
Stage 2 of our Re-opening Plan
Glory to Jesus Christ!
It is with both joy and thanksgiving that I write to you with more information about our continue re-opening of our parish buildings to 'in-person' services. As you may remember, I announced earlier this month our transition to "Stage 2" of our reopening plan and discussed the next steps at our parish town hall a couple of weeks ago. 
As a reminder, the Stage 2 Guidelines are listed below. 
Maintaining all other limitations of Stage 1; Stage 2 allows:

1. During non-Eucharistic services (e.g., Vespers), Priest may be joined  (2x/wk) by:
  • 1 Chanter + 1 Reader/Server + their households (<12 people) 
  • NOTE: Minimum of 72 hours between each service
2. Pastor may celebrate Liturgy w/ family [or <7 parishioners] assisting
  • As necessary to prepare reserved sacrament for distribution (at Pastor's discretion)
  • In order to better prepare the liturgical space for Stage 3 (at Pastor's discretion)
  • As desired for the edification of the clergy/faithful (at Pastor's discretion)
3. Holy Communion may be distributed to individuals/households on request
  • Must be done outdoors (i.e., outside one’s home or the Church building)
  • On Parishioner’s Request – at the discretion/availability of the pastor
  • Only under strict safety precautions:
    • Symptom Screens for pastor & communicant(s)
    • Minimized duration & close contact (i.e., social distancing)
    • Wear of Masks & other necessary PPE by all parties
    • Single use utensils (disposable and/or thoroughly cleaned/sanitized)



As mentioned during our town hall, during Stage 2, we have opened up the possibility for individuals/households (that are voting members) to participate in parish activities by serving in some capacity. 
These opportunities to serve Christ and His Church -- and our fellow parishioners joining from home -- are as: 
1) Chanter(s) 
  • Singing/chanting responses during Vespers or Liturgy
2) Reader(s) 
  • At Liturgy, reading:
    • Hours
    • Pre-communion prayers 
    • Epistle 
    • Post-communion prayers
  • At Vespers, reading:
    • Psalms 
    • Read Hymns
    • OT readings at Vespers
    • Psalm Verses at Vespers
3) Server(s)
  • At Liturgy
    • Assisting the clergy in the altar / sacristy 
    • Assisting the clergy in the nave during Holy Communion 
    • Assisting in the screening individuals entering the Church
    • Assisting in the cleaning of the Church after services
  • At Vespers
    • Assisting the clergy in the altar / sacristy
    • Assisting in the screening individuals entering the Church
    • Assisting in the cleaning of the Church after services

NOTE: During Stage 2, you must be a voting member of All Saints Orthodox Church to participate/serve in the Divine Services or make an appointment to receive Holy Communion outside of the Divine Services. . 

If you are a voting member of All Saints and would like to participate in 'in-person' services or schedule an appointment in order to receive Holy Communion, please contact me. 
With Love in Christ,
Fr. James Parnell
P.S. -- Please continue to keep in your prayers:
All of our parishioners and their families
All the sick and suffering in our community, nation, and worldwide
All those who serve us daily in various ways (known and unknown, seen and unseen)
All those in need of God's love, mercy, and help
All those in leadership roles:
Our civil authorities at the federal, state, and local level
Our Metropolitan Tikhon, as Primate of our Church, and locum tenens of our diocese,
Fr. John Kreta, our diocesan chancellor,
Fr. John Hopko, our district/state dean.
Our parish council
May God grant us all Life, Peace, and Joy in the Risen Lord!
Light a Prayer Candle
"Synaxis of All Saints"
"Synaxis of All Saints"

Due to the Pandemic...

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