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Hard at work
Hard at work
Hard at work
Volunteers Needed!

Bazaar News…

Our 45th Annual Russian Tea Room and Bazaar is November 10th & 11th in 2018 - it is our annual open house and a great chance to how love and hospitality to ou rneighbers - everyone's help and talents are needed!


Please reach out to Dave Vargas or one of the Chairpersons if you have a particular interest in a specific booth.  


Russian Tea Room – Nick Medynski/Dave Vargas – we need servers and those that have an interest to cook

Russian Market Place – Cathy Vargas – sales help

Bakery – Inna Pikalov & Svetalana Ikonnikova – donations of baked goods and helpers the days of the bazaar

Desserts – Monica Kapral – donations of desserts and helpers the days of the bazaar

Botchka & Kid’s Korner – Mira Belekewicz – help with some fun games, face-painting, etc. for the kids

Raffle – Tom Denisky – selling raffle tickets days of the bazaar

Refreshments – Marsha Coombs – selling refreshments days of the bazaar

Parking lot - Dave Vargas - direct bazaar attendees to open parking slots. Time commitment 9am to 2pm on Saturday. We need at least 3-4 people. 

Sign Postings - See Fr. James  post our lawn signs throughout the area. This is one of our most effective means of advertising. This is an early Saturday AM day of the Bazaar commitment. Need teams of two (driver and poster).

Floor Ambassador - Anita Karsky - greet bazaar guests, keep the lunch area organized



The Choir


**Under the leadership of the Choir Director**

The Choir:

  • Attends practices and rehearsals
  • Arrives prior to the start of the Divine Services
  • Sings the responses during the Divine Services
  • Leads the congregation in singing




Church Openers


The Church Opener:

  • Arrives early (prior to the reading of the Pre-Communion Prayers)
  • Unlocks doors
  • Prepares Candle Desk
  • Ensures Narthex is clean and tidy
  • Checks Vigils in the Nave
  • Assists Priest with any preparatory needs prior to the Proskemedia
  • Runs Candle Desk





The Greeter(s):                             

  • Arrive Early (prior to the reading of the Hours)
  • Ensure tables in Narthex are organized, neat, and tidy
  • Welcome individuals as they enter the Narthex
  • Distribute bulletins, prayer books, pledge cards, etc., as needed.
  • Assist guests in locating bulletin, candle desk, facilities, etc.
  • Make new-comers feel welcome as they enter
  • Invite guests down to coffee fellowship after Liturgy



Lay Readers


At the All-Night-Vigil (or Vespers and Matins)

The Reader at Vespers:

  • Arrives 15 minutes prior to the service
  • Reads Psalm 103 (if not sung)
  • Reads the verses at “Lord, I Call”  (if not sung)
  • Reads the Old Testament Readings
  • Reads “St Symeon’s Prayer” and “Vouchsafe…” (if not sung)
  • Reads the verses at the Aposticha (if not sung)
  • Reads the Trisagion


The Reader at Matins:

  • Arrives 15 minutes prior to the service
  • Reads the Trisagion Prayers (if not at Vigil)
  • Reads the Six Psalms
  • Reads the Troparia of the Canon(s)
  • Reads the Praises & Doxology (if not sung)




Lay Readers


At the Divine Liturgy


The Reader of The Prayers in Preparation for Communion:

  • Arrive early (about 45 minutes before start of Liturgy)
  • Pre-communion prayers should begin 15 minutes prior to the Hours (30 minutes prior to Liturgy)
  • Reads the pre-communion prayers in a clear and audible voice. 


The Reader of the 3rd & 6th Hour

  • Arrives early (about 30 minutes before the start of Liturgy)
  • The hours should begin at 15 minutes prior to Liturgy. 
  • Consults Rubrics Book and/or pastor as to any seasonal rubrical changes
  • Prepares troparia and kontakia for the Hours as indicated in the Rubrics Book
  • Reads the 3rd & 6th Hour in an audible and clear voice


The Reader of The Prayers of Thanksgiving after Communion:

  • Arrives on-time (if not early) for Liturgy.
  • After Priest intones "Glory to thee, O God" 3x and Choir responds, then:
  • Read the post-communion prayers in a clear and audible voice.
  • Reads the correct troparion/kontakion (St. John, St. Basil, or St. Gregory)






The Bell-Ringer:

  • Is (or becomes) familiar with the different type of "peals" used in the Church
  • Arrives early for the service at which he or she will ring bells.
  • Rings bells in preparation of the divine services and after (if called for)
  • Rings bells during processions and special supplications ("Grant Rest..."/"Many Years")

NB-Altar servers will ring bells during the Consecration of the Gifts






Altar Servers


**When there is not a sufficient number of ordained Subdeacons available**


The Altar Servers (Male youth and adults):

  • prepare vestments and prosphora for proskemedia
  • ensure Altar and Sacristy is clean and tidy
  • light candles in the Sanctuary
  • cut the antidoron
  • prepare and offer the censer to the priest
  • operate the curtain/veil
  • carry the Cross, lanterns, fans, and/or candles during entrances, readings, and processions
  • ring bells during Consecration of the Gifts
  • wash the priest's hands during “Our Father”
  • prepare the Zeon (hot water)
  • hold the Communion cloth
  • clean up and extinguish candles after services
  • and, in general, assist the priest in the Altar.






Handmaidens (Female youth and adults):

  • bake prosphora
  • ensure Nave is clean and tidy
  • light candles in the Nave
  • arrange items to be blessed (Palm Sunday, Transfiguration, Dormition, etc.)
  • carry icons during processions
  • collect the offering
  • set up tables and prepare zapifka/antidoron for distribution
  • assist children in receiving communion and zapifka/antidoron
  • tear down and clean up tables, etc. after Communion
  • hold post-Liturgy collection basket
  • hold bowl of antidoron
  • clean up in high-traffic areas after Liturgy
  • and, in general, assist priest, as needed, in the Nave.




Lay Epistle Readers

**When a Deacon or ordained Reader is not available**


The reader of the Epistle:

  • Consults the Rubrics Book & confirms with the Priest the following:
    • Prokeimena
    • Readings
    • Alleluia
  • Prepares the Prokeimenon, Readings, and Verses
  • Confirms with the Choir as to the translation and verse breaks
  • Approaches the ambo for blessing during the Trisagion
  • Reads the sequence, Prokeimena, Readings, Alleluia with Verses





Fellowship Teams

The Fellowship Team:

  • Is on a rotating Schedule and, when "on duty"
  • Brings an offering of food (bagels, cakes, fruit & vegetables, etc.)
  • Prepares the coffee, tea, etc. for Coffee Hour Fellowship
  • Assists in distributing food, drink, utensils, etc.
  • Collecting funds during fellowship
  • Cleans up after Coffee Hour
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"Synaxis of All Saints"
"Synaxis of All Saints"

We serve Divine Liturgy at 9:00am on Sundays. Please check the calendar below for more details.


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