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All Saints Orthodox Church
Hartford, Connecticut
/ Serving Opportunities


The Choir


**Under the leadership of the Choir Director**

The Choir:

  • Attends practices and rehearsals
  • Arrives prior to the start of the Divine Services
  • Sings the responses during the Divine Services
  • Leads the congregation in singing




Church Openers


The Church Opener:

  • Arrives early (prior to the reading of the Pre-Communion Prayers)
  • Unlocks doors
  • Prepares Candle Desk
  • Ensures Narthex is clean and tidy
  • Checks Vigils in the Nave
  • Assists Priest with any preparatory needs prior to the Proskemedia
  • Runs Candle Desk





The Greeter(s):                             

  • Arrive Early (prior to the reading of the Hours)
  • Ensure tables in Narthex are organized, neat, and tidy
  • Welcome individuals as they enter the Narthex
  • Distribute bulletins, prayer books, pledge cards, etc., as needed.
  • Assist guests in locating bulletin, candle desk, facilities, etc.
  • Make new-comers feel welcome as they enter
  • Invite guests down to coffee fellowship after Liturgy



Lay Readers


At the All-Night-Vigil (or Vespers and Matins)

The Reader at Vespers:

  • Arrives 15 minutes prior to the service
  • Reads Psalm 103 (if not sung)
  • Reads the verses at “Lord, I Call”  (if not sung)
  • Reads the Old Testament Readings
  • Reads “St Symeon’s Prayer” and “Vouchsafe…” (if not sung)
  • Reads the verses at the Aposticha (if not sung)
  • Reads the Trisagion


The Reader at Matins:

  • Arrives 15 minutes prior to the service
  • Reads the Trisagion Prayers (if not at Vigil)
  • Reads the Six Psalms
  • Reads the Troparia of the Canon(s)
  • Reads the Praises & Doxology (if not sung)




Lay Readers


At the Divine Liturgy


The Reader of The Prayers in Preparation for Communion:

  • Arrive early (about 45 minutes before start of Liturgy)
  • Pre-communion prayers should begin 15 minutes prior to the Hours (30 minutes prior to Liturgy)
  • Reads the pre-communion prayers in a clear and audible voice. 


The Reader of the 3rd & 6th Hour

  • Arrives early (about 30 minutes before the start of Liturgy)
  • The hours should begin at 15 minutes prior to Liturgy. 
  • Consults Rubrics Book and/or pastor as to any seasonal rubrical changes
  • Prepares troparia and kontakia for the Hours as indicated in the Rubrics Book
  • Reads the 3rd & 6th Hour in an audible and clear voice


The Reader of The Prayers of Thanksgiving after Communion:

  • Arrives on-time (if not early) for Liturgy.
  • After Priest intones "Glory to thee, O God" 3x and Choir responds, then:
  • Read the post-communion prayers in a clear and audible voice.
  • Reads the correct troparion/kontakion (St. John, St. Basil, or St. Gregory)






The Bell-Ringer:

  • Is (or becomes) familiar with the different type of "peals" used in the Church
  • Arrives early for the service at which he or she will ring bells.
  • Rings bells in preparation of the divine services and after (if called for)
  • Rings bells during processions and special supplications ("Grant Rest..."/"Many Years")

NB-Altar servers will ring bells during the Consecration of the Gifts






Altar Servers


**When there is not a sufficient number of ordained Subdeacons available**


The Altar Servers (Male youth and adults):

  • prepare vestments and prosphora for proskemedia
  • ensure Altar and Sacristy is clean and tidy
  • light candles in the Sanctuary
  • cut the antidoron
  • prepare and offer the censer to the priest
  • operate the curtain/veil
  • carry the Cross, lanterns, fans, and/or candles during entrances, readings, and processions
  • ring bells during Consecration of the Gifts
  • wash the priest's hands during “Our Father”
  • prepare the Zeon (hot water)
  • hold the Communion cloth
  • clean up and extinguish candles after services
  • and, in general, assist the priest in the Altar.






Handmaidens (Female youth and adults):

  • bake prosphora
  • ensure Nave is clean and tidy
  • light candles in the Nave
  • arrange items to be blessed (Palm Sunday, Transfiguration, Dormition, etc.)
  • carry icons during processions
  • collect the offering
  • set up tables and prepare zapifka/antidoron for distribution
  • assist children in receiving communion and zapifka/antidoron
  • tear down and clean up tables, etc. after Communion
  • hold post-Liturgy collection basket
  • hold bowl of antidoron
  • clean up in high-traffic areas after Liturgy
  • and, in general, assist priest, as needed, in the Nave.




Lay Epistle Readers

**When a Deacon or ordained Reader is not available**


The reader of the Epistle:

  • Consults the Rubrics Book & confirms with the Priest the following:
    • Prokeimena
    • Readings
    • Alleluia
  • Prepares the Prokeimenon, Readings, and Verses
  • Confirms with the Choir as to the translation and verse breaks
  • Approaches the ambo for blessing during the Trisagion
  • Reads the sequence, Prokeimena, Readings, Alleluia with Verses





Fellowship Teams

The Fellowship Team:

  • Is on a rotating Schedule and, when "on duty"
  • Brings an offering of food (bagels, cakes, fruit & vegetables, etc.)
  • Prepares the coffee, tea, etc. for Coffee Hour Fellowship
  • Assists in distributing food, drink, utensils, etc.
  • Collecting funds during fellowship
  • Cleans up after Coffee Hour
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"Synaxis of All Saints"
"Synaxis of All Saints"

We serve Divine Liturgy at 9:00am on Sundays. Please check the calendar below for more details.


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