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All Saints Orthodox Church
Hartford, Connecticut
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Do you remember the story of how Christ blessed five loaves and two fish and was able to feed 5,000+ people?

With an offering that wasn't even enough to feed Himself and the 12 apostles...our Lord was able to feed thousands and thousands of hungry men, women, and children! 

Christ is able to bless our offerings and multiply them in amazing and miraculous ways... but He can only do this is if you offer them!

Help us plan for the many ways we'll serve Christ in Hartford (and serve Hartford in Christ) by completing a pledge form TODAY!

Please find an easy-to-use online document below. 


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"Synaxis of All Saints"
"Synaxis of All Saints"

Due to the Pandemic...

We are currently closed to the public.


However, you can still join us in worship!

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All Saints Orthodox Church
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